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Bicycle rentals done right

So: you’re from out of town and need to get around.  You could rent a car.  Roughly $40 a day plus gas.  You could take the bus.  Roughly $2.50 a trip.  You could walk.  This takes time you may or may not have.  For easy getting-round in a strange town, few might opt to rent a bike – most bike rental places aim to provide recreation rather than transit and charge rates comparable to a car rental.  One could likely find a used bike on craigslist and abandon it for less!

The University of Victoria – or, more accurately a group of dedicated volunteer students called SPOKES at the University of Victoria – provides an amazing $3/day rental service. Sure, the bikes aren’t fancy disc-brake, carbon-fibre frames with shocks.  More well-loved, refurbished bikes.  For myself?  A well-maintained OPEC-crisis (’70s-’80s) road bike with down-tube shifters and toe clips made for a fun ride covering the 6 miles separating my downtown hotel and the conference at the university in the same time transit takes – and cheaper.  Bonus?  The joy of coffee-fueled exercise.

Thank you, SPOKES!  Here’s hoping the university continues to support your fine work.