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Want streets built not just for cars? Lend your feedback!

[From Iris Benson and Greg Wilson of the City of Corvallis]

We are excited to launch our interactive mapping tool for the Healthy Streets Planning Initiative. The Initiative is a community wide outreach effort to identify opportunities to improve water quality and transportation options in Corvallis.  You can use this interactive mapping tool to leave comments about your vision for a future Corvallis. You can also view other community members comments collected to date.  We will be collecting feedback through October 2013.

Healthy Streets Open House

[from Lisa A. DeBruyckere, City of Corvallis]
The Healthy Streets Planning Initiative is a comprehensive City planning effort to treat storm water, develop alternative transportation routes, expand urban green space, and improve community health. There is an upcoming set of public open houses to drop in to speak with City staff to learn more about the current status of the initiative and to provide us with direction for the project. Continue reading