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Corvallis neighborhood inventory of amenities, walkability, and bikeability


The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition Land Use Action Team has undertaken a project to inventory walkability, bikeability and neighborhood amenities throughout Corvallis. Initially (2010), the project was intended to be educational and thought-provoking: as volunteer residents would walk their streets and pay attention to the built environment and how they thought it made them feel about walking/biking. Continue reading

Edible front yards walking tour: Thursday July 19

The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition has organized a walking tour of front yards that produce food in the Job Addition neighborhood.  The tour starts at 6.30PM at the corner of NW 6th and Tyler and has 7 official stops including … my house!

After a year of looking like, well, a pile of mud, we were able to plant trees and bushes in the now grass-free soil of our front yard.  And since we would be putting time and money into this grass-evicting project, we decided that time and money would be best put toward plants that are tasty.

And, except for one delivery of fruit trees and bushes from One Green World and one delivery of mulch when we first moved in, everything you see in our front yard was moved my bike or foot.

I hope you can join the tour and be sure to introduce yourself to me!