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BPAC meeting tomorrow at 7AM

A reminder that the Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission meets tomorrow (Friday September 6) at 7 AM in the Madison Avenue Meeting Room at 500 SW Madison Avenue.  The Agenda and draft minutes from last month’s meeting can be found here.  If you have any questions, comments or complaints for the city as related to bicycle and pedestrian issues, visitors are welcome to do so early in the meeting.

Bike/Ped Capital Improvement: focus on connectivity to South Corvallis

Screenshot from 2013-06-13 19:18:07Every year the City of Corvallis solicits projects for consideration for capital improvement.  The City also ranks these projects, along with existing suggested projects that have yet to be completed;  more highly ranked projects are what city staff focus on when applying for funding.  The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission ranks relevant projects and this year, BPAC is sending a very clear message: give South Corvallis better, safer bike/ped connections to the rest of the city. Continue reading

Vacancy on the City of Corvallis’ Bike/Ped Advisory Commission

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) is a group of Corvallis residents* that advises the Corvallis City Council on matters relevant to bicyclists and pedestrians.  We meet on the first Friday of every month at 7AM at the city building on the corner of Madison and 5th and occasionally have sub-committee meetings outside of this time. We discuss issues that are raised by residents, the City Council, the various city departments (eg. Public Works and Recreation) as well as bring attention to issues that BPAC members raise directly.  We are supported by two amazing city employees: Gregory Wilson and Lisa Scherf.

There is a vacancy.  If you care about city issues that affect your biking and walking experience, please consider applying to fill this volunteer position.

* Note that you need not be a citizen of the United States.

Corvallis Bike Count and other BPAC news

The Bike/Ped Advisory Commission met yesterday.  Some highlights:

  • There will be a bicycle count at 10 intersections in Corvallis between October 9 and 20.  Public Works is looking for volunteers to man 2hr counting slots.  Contact Greg Wilson if you can help out.
  • Sgt. Jeff VanArsdall reported on the pedestrian crosswalk operations that the CPD held over the summer.  Despite wearing an obnoxious hat and a patient disposition, the CPD suffered car after car flaunt the law.  The educational effort — funded by a grant from the BTA — paid off according to VanArsdall; they’ll be seeking funds to do this again in future years.  CVI pedestrians should be pleased.
  • I presented a proposal to have the city adopt a standard of ending bicycle lanes with the same dignity that motor vehicle lanes are terminated.  The proposal will be forwarded to city engineers for review. I’ll post on this in more detail another time.  (I think I owe several posts now.)
  • The  construction  of  a  new  Pedestrian  Activated  Midblock  Crossing   at  Spruce  and  9th  has  been  completed  and  is  operational.
  • You may be looking forward to Portland-style on-street bike corrals downtown.  Encourage your favorite haunts to look into being early adopters in front of their businesses.

PBAC meets 7-9AM on the first Friday of every month at 500 SW Madison Avenue.

Miscellaneous Bike and Ped News

I’d been meaning to share some news from the last Bike/Ped Advisory Commission meeting (August 3):

  • After a citizen doggedly stood up for improving the pedestrian-trap railway crossing at 7th and Western, it is finally improved!  Now for 6th and Western … turns out that only the railway companies can do this and they don’t seem compelled to, explaining the wide range in quality of railway crossings in town.
  • A citizen pointed out that there is no safe crossing for pedestrians going south on the west side of 4th street, headed into south town.  I noticed this myself the one and only one time I walked to south Corvallis and opted for the shortest path.  From now on, I bike and take the multi-use path.  For some, though, this isn’t an option.
  • ODOT has approved two big pedestrian safety projects to the next funding decision (that is, there is no guarantee of funding yet): pedestrian crossings of 9th near Sequoia, 9th near Buchanan and Walnut near 13th; Safe Routes to Schools improvements at Garfield, Hoover, Jefferson and Lincoln.  Let’s hope these projects are successful in the next round!
  • In-street bike corrals with protective bollards will be suggested to City Council for downtown in unused, yellow-curb areas near intersections.  The model is for businesses to sponsor these racks.  Hopefully this will mean even better parking downtown!  Parking for bikes, that is …
  • There is a four floor building in development for the parking lot behind Big River.  Why is this a ped/bike issue?  Well, more downtown development will mean more people downtown and our job is to encourage those people to come by foot, bike or bus.
  • The ASOSU has plans for long-term bicycle rentals on campus.  Hopefully this will breed a new generation of bicycle commuters.

That’s all for now …


Capital Improvement Projects

The CIP list is a list of projects that will result in added capital (new buildings, roads, bridges, parks, etc.) that are ranked by priority.  The priority ranking is done by the City of Corvallis CIP committee with input from the city’s advisory commission.  This Friday the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission will rank those projects relevant to bicycle and pedestrian issues.  The meeting is 7-9 AM in the city building at the corner of Madison and 5th.  This is your last chance to argue for your favorite project, or suggest a new project. Continue reading

Addressing bicycle/motorized vehicle right-of-way conflicts: Removing ambiguity

This Friday, June 1 the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission meets 7-9 AM in the city building at the corner of Madison and 5th. On the agenda will be discussion of some citizen-submitted Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) and a topic that I am proposing the commission take up: addressing various bicycle/motorized vehicle right-of-way conflicts in Corvallis by removing ambiguity.  I will post about the former in the coming month as I rank the projects.  The commission will vote on the CIP projects in July’s meeting. Continue reading