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Lessons from animal-rights activists

I attended an afternoon workshop organized by animal rights activists (and others) at PSU last weekend.  Part of the message was the need to work across activist groups (environmental, political, animal-rights, etc.) and ended with an incredible panel including the founder of the Portland Black Panther Party (Kent Ford), a lawyer with the Civil Liberties Defense Center (Lauren Reagan) and the editor of the International Middle East Media Center (Saed Banmoura).  The ideas of working across groups got me thinking of what I should be doing to help improve our transportation options in Corvallis … more on that soon.

This was also the first time I had spent any amount of time with animal-rights activists.  One thing that struck me was that veganism was a default (as I guiltily ate my cream-cheesed bagel) — that is, their activism started with personal responsibility. Continue reading