The Rail Project

The Oregon Passenger Rail project had considered bringing passenger rail to Corvallis.  Unfortunately, despite City Council support, hundreds of letters and a petition with over 2000 signers, they have opted to not improve the service by adding stops.  But we tried.



The Oregon Passenger Rail project is currently evaluating options for new and improved routes between Eugene and Portland. One of those proposed routes would come to Corvallis. Decisions are being made now by the Oregon Passenger Rail Leadership Committee that will affect transit in the Willamette Valley for decades to come.

If you would like to show your support for bringing passenger rail to Corvallis, please contact me, or sign your name to our petition.

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One thought on “The Rail Project

  1. Wendy Boyd

    One of the advantages of the train passing thru Corvallis is the number of students who could then easily use the train. I assume there would be many more students who traveled by train if it came thru Corvallis. On the other hand, the fairly new train station facilities in Albany are nice – I would hate to see the money spent in Albany go to waste.


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