Two-day touring: South Valley Loop & Velo B&B

Screenshot from 2014-06-02 06:42:49It was a late start to the bike-touring season and almost thwarted by the realization that our camping gear was in Portland (where my partner lives during the week and where our last tour ended).  Then we realized that we could pay for roof-over-our-head accommodations!

I found a bed and breakfast just south of Eugene which is now, far and above, my favorite bed and breakfast and up there on the list of my favorite businesses.  Velo B&B is run by Misha & Rob English.  The “English” name may be (correctly) recognized by bike aficionados as the English of English Cycles, Eugene-based hand-made bike creator.  Misha is a vegan baker who will make you question every disparaging thing you’ve said about things made without butter and conceiver of Morning Glory in Eugene.

Between delicious vegan breakfast (and bedtime cookie snacks) and bike friendliness, I was won over.  But then.  BUT THEN.  But then we found out that they are also CAR-FREE.  With two businesses up a non-trivial hill about 3 miles south of Eugene, I was duly impressed.  The place was cosy, affordable, quiet, clean, friendly, beautiful — not your grandma’s B&B.  Misha and Rob were wonderful hosts — great conversation and just the right amount of privacy. This is a place to try out and recommend widely.  Oh right — they also give a 10% bike-there discount.  So, you know, love all around.

The bike ride we took, directions here is also recommended.  A wonderful loop around the south Valley, with varied landscape (fields, rolling hills, forests of different types) and VERY low traffic (except in approaching Eugene, where the shoulder was wide).  When approaching the B&B keep your eyes peeled for a red wheel and look out for the house number.

Car Free Support Group – Anybody Interested?

Guest post by Mary Leigh (Marylee) Burke:

I’m 61, retired, and have been car free here in Corvallis for just over 6 months now. I helped lead a discussion group on car free and car lite lifestyles at the recent Transformation Without Apocalypse conference, and we’re doing another one at the library next May.

I think it would be awesome to have a group of like-minded people who get together to talk about this wonderful lifestyle, share ideas and solutions, and support each other in our choices for sustainability in general. My home is available for meetings and my energy is available for organizing it – I just need to see if there’s interest. I’m new to the area, though, so I don’t know a lot of people and live in a family neighborhood where everybody has cars.

So if you’re interested, comment on this post and I’ll say more in the next one.

Online survey on Intersection User Behavior

To all friends who care about bicyclists’ safety, please take the time to fill out this online survey that will help to gain insight on the behaviors of drivers and bicyclists at roadway intersections. This is part of a PhD research conducted at the Civil Engineering Department in Oregon State University.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Participants need to be a licensed driver or bicyclist in the US between the age of 18 to 75.

Below is the link for the survey (if the link does not work, please copy and paste the link in a new tab of your web browser). Thank you all!

[guest post by Medha Jannat]

Petition to bring rail to Corvallis tops 2000!

I hope the Leadership Council of the Oregon Passenger Rail project is listening.  Over 2000 people want rail to come to Corvallis!

If you haven’t already, please sign and forward the petition to your friends, family, coworkers, church groups, martial art studios … everyone!  We have around one month before the LC will be settling on the routes that will move forward for more in-depth study.  Keep up the pressure!

More news coverage for bringing rail to Corvallis

In the lead-up to (somewhat) local opportunities to show your support for bringing rail to Corvallis (Thursday, November 7, 5-7PM in the Calapooia Center (Vineyard Mountain Room) at LBCC, see here for a campus map and here for meeting handouts), Eugene, Bend and Atlanta, GA media are picking up on the story:

This isn’t just a local issue!

Rail to Corvallis makes the news

Lots of good news for rail fans these days.  The Corvallis City Council passed a resolution that we:

We strongly urge that the Oregon Passenger Rail Project perform an Environmental Impact Statement that includes a route visiting Corvallis in their study and that a full survey of potential demand be performed in Corvallis and at Oregon State University.

This helped the media picking up the story: Continue reading

BPAC meets Friday

The Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission meets this Friday, October 4 at 7 AM at 500 SW Madison Ave.  The agenda includes:

  • discussion of potential bike/ped improvements to the intersection of HWY 99 & Circle
  • a potential business district designation for downtown
  • crossing options for Kings & Garfield
  • discussion of no-idle zones
  • sharing a bike-friendly map draft

If you have interest in any of these or topics you would like to bring to our attention, please come to the meeting or contact Greg Wilson ahead of time.