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Enforcement for Education

If you are a regular cyclist or pedestrian, you should know your rights.  If you are a motorist, it is even more important to know the rights of cyclists and pedestrians: it is a matter of life or death.  Police officers are reluctant to make traffic stops as it puts them in a position of aggressor with an unknown.  On the other hand, aggressive drivers who yell, honk, cut-off or don’t yield right of way put vulnerable road-users at risk too.  So, a group of safety advocates in Corvallis are asking you to sign a petition directed at the Corvallis Police Department to:

request that Corvallis Police intensify efforts to protect vulnerable roadway users via existing legal protections, […] that drivers who commit offenses against pedestrians or cyclists, including excess speed or unsafe passing, be appropriately cited […] that CPD proactively enforce the bicycle right-of-way, and act on bike lane obstructions as if the obstruction was in a motor vehicle lane.

One way to educate motorists is to enforce the laws that they should abide by.  If you agree, show it with your signature: sign the petition here.

Capital Improvement Projects for cyclists and pedestrians: have your say

The Bike/Ped Advisory Commission meets this Friday (7-9AM in the Madison Avenue meeting room just south of the tracks) to rank those Capital Improvement Projects that affect cyclists and pedestrians.  Those rankings will be passed on to the CIP Advisory Commission for consideration and affect which projects will be pursued in what order by city staff.  See here for the list of projects being considered.  Come and give your input on what matters to you most!

Corvallis-area transportation safety plan: an opportunity for community involvement

The Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization or CAMPO is hosting a public meeting to start work on a Transportation Safety Plan.  The meeting is open-house style, so drop by any time:

Safety Plan Kick-off Meeting
June 5th from 5:00-7:00 pm
Linus Pauling Middle School Cafeteria
1111 Cleveland Ave, Corvallis

Vacancy on the City of Corvallis’ Bike/Ped Advisory Commission

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) is a group of Corvallis residents* that advises the Corvallis City Council on matters relevant to bicyclists and pedestrians.  We meet on the first Friday of every month at 7AM at the city building on the corner of Madison and 5th and occasionally have sub-committee meetings outside of this time. We discuss issues that are raised by residents, the City Council, the various city departments (eg. Public Works and Recreation) as well as bring attention to issues that BPAC members raise directly.  We are supported by two amazing city employees: Gregory Wilson and Lisa Scherf.

There is a vacancy.  If you care about city issues that affect your biking and walking experience, please consider applying to fill this volunteer position.

* Note that you need not be a citizen of the United States.

Please support a petition to ease bike-in, walk-in campers!

From the national bicycling community comes an incredible petition to the White House to allow camping for self-propelled campers even when campsites are full at National Parks.  It’s always been a worry of mine to arrive at a campground and be out of luck.  Please take the few minutes to create a account and sign the petition here.  Thanks!