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Feedback request: Transportation Action Plan for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

I have been helping a community group develop an Action Plan for mitigating and adapting to climate change for Corvallis by developing the Transportation & Land-Use section.  There has already been a public forum to solicit community feedback and several emails and comments sent online, but I wanted to be sure to get suggestions from those most intimately involved in transportation advocacy.  So, please have a look at the latest draft — skip ahead to p3 for Objectives & Actions.  Feel free to leave comments below this post or by emailing me.  Feedback received by Thursday afternoon will have the greatest chance of being considered.  Thank you!

BPAC meeting tomorrow at 7AM

A reminder that the Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission meets tomorrow (Friday September 6) at 7 AM in the Madison Avenue Meeting Room at 500 SW Madison Avenue.  The Agenda and draft minutes from last month’s meeting can be found here.  If you have any questions, comments or complaints for the city as related to bicycle and pedestrian issues, visitors are welcome to do so early in the meeting.

Want streets built not just for cars? Lend your feedback!

[From Iris Benson and Greg Wilson of the City of Corvallis]

We are excited to launch our interactive mapping tool for the Healthy Streets Planning Initiative. The Initiative is a community wide outreach effort to identify opportunities to improve water quality and transportation options in Corvallis.  You can use this interactive mapping tool to leave comments about your vision for a future Corvallis. You can also view other community members comments collected to date.  We will be collecting feedback through October 2013.

Corvallis neighborhood inventory of amenities, walkability, and bikeability


The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition Land Use Action Team has undertaken a project to inventory walkability, bikeability and neighborhood amenities throughout Corvallis. Initially (2010), the project was intended to be educational and thought-provoking: as volunteer residents would walk their streets and pay attention to the built environment and how they thought it made them feel about walking/biking. Continue reading

Bike/Ped Capital Improvement: focus on connectivity to South Corvallis

Screenshot from 2013-06-13 19:18:07Every year the City of Corvallis solicits projects for consideration for capital improvement.  The City also ranks these projects, along with existing suggested projects that have yet to be completed;  more highly ranked projects are what city staff focus on when applying for funding.  The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission ranks relevant projects and this year, BPAC is sending a very clear message: give South Corvallis better, safer bike/ped connections to the rest of the city. Continue reading

Healthy Streets Open House

[from Lisa A. DeBruyckere, City of Corvallis]
The Healthy Streets Planning Initiative is a comprehensive City planning effort to treat storm water, develop alternative transportation routes, expand urban green space, and improve community health. There is an upcoming set of public open houses to drop in to speak with City staff to learn more about the current status of the initiative and to provide us with direction for the project. Continue reading