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A river trip without a car

Lisa and I, Don Boucher, are a car-free couple. This Saturday we took a trip from Corvallis to Albany on our compact, lightweight rafts. The rafts easily fit into a backpack and the paddles collapse. We float to Albany and take the Linn-Benton Loop bus home.
See here for our nature sightings (with photos).

Last year we took 5 days to float from Corvallis to Salem and took the train home. It was one of the best vacations we ever had!

More room for bicycles coming on Amtrak Cascades

The Amtrak Cascades line, running between Eugene OR and Vancouver BC has spots for 6 bicycles on each train.  For $5 extra, you can roll your bike to the luggage car and they’ll hang it up on a hook for you.  In the summer, these spots sell out with some frequency in personal experience.  However, it looks like that will soon change.  This weekend, I noticed 4 new bike hangers installed on the train.  When I asked about it, the baggage handler said they aren’t being used yet, but soon they’ll be selling reservations for those extra spots too!  Thank you Amtrak and thank you bicyclists who are making the most of this resource.

Healthy Streets Open House

[from Lisa A. DeBruyckere, City of Corvallis]
The Healthy Streets Planning Initiative is a comprehensive City planning effort to treat storm water, develop alternative transportation routes, expand urban green space, and improve community health. There is an upcoming set of public open houses to drop in to speak with City staff to learn more about the current status of the initiative and to provide us with direction for the project. Continue reading