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Bus or train between Corvallis and Portland (and other cities)

I had noticed that every day someone reaches my site by the search terms “bus from Portland to Corvallis” or similar.  Roughly 3 people a day.  Every day.  And what post are they directed to?  The somewhat ridiculous post describing a trip from Portland to Corvallis by a melange of light rail, city bus and inter-city commuter bus that involves 12 miles of biking and costs only $5.80.  It is the most popular post, dwarfing the readership of any other post by a factor of 10.  But public transportation is a serious issue, and I would like to help out those people that are directed to my site. Continue reading

A successful introduction to bicycle camping

This past weekend, my partner and I took 6 of our friends on what was (for 5 of the 6) their first bicycle camping trip.  We went to Brownsville, our now go-to intro bike-camping destination.  Let me tell you, the Brownsville campground (at their gorgeous, tricked-out city park) is a happening place.  Lots of people, lots of camping, right by the river.  And free fire-wood!  And a lax camp-fire policy.

In other news, there seems to be a murmuring of biker-hiker camping at the Thompson’s Mills State Heritage Site.  I’m guessing you could lend a supportive voice to that idea by emailing the park.

Want streets built not just for cars? Lend your feedback!

[From Iris Benson and Greg Wilson of the City of Corvallis]

We are excited to launch our interactive mapping tool for the Healthy Streets Planning Initiative. The Initiative is a community wide outreach effort to identify opportunities to improve water quality and transportation options in Corvallis.  You can use this interactive mapping tool to leave comments about your vision for a future Corvallis. You can also view other community members comments collected to date.  We will be collecting feedback through October 2013.

More room for bicycles coming on Amtrak Cascades

The Amtrak Cascades line, running between Eugene OR and Vancouver BC has spots for 6 bicycles on each train.  For $5 extra, you can roll your bike to the luggage car and they’ll hang it up on a hook for you.  In the summer, these spots sell out with some frequency in personal experience.  However, it looks like that will soon change.  This weekend, I noticed 4 new bike hangers installed on the train.  When I asked about it, the baggage handler said they aren’t being used yet, but soon they’ll be selling reservations for those extra spots too!  Thank you Amtrak and thank you bicyclists who are making the most of this resource.

Calling all bicycles: 4th of July parade!

Come one, come all!  Bring your cargo, long tail, tall, kid’s, recumbent, tandem, freak or regular bicycle to the Corvallis 4th of July parade to join 350Corvallis in showing our town just how easy it is to get around on 2 (or 3) wheels.  Cyclists will enter the parade between pedestrians and *blech* motor vehicles. Assemble at 9:30 AM at Central Park on 8th Street between Jefferson & Monroe.