Why is the former-Marine, Republican mayor of Indianapolis adding 200 miles of bike lanes and trails?

“As the mayor of a big city, it’s about talent attraction and business attraction, and you need to know the trends that are coming forward now. So when you look at what young people are looking for, when you look at businesses who want to hire those people, you have to create that kind of city, and that’s really what we’re trying to do […] creating the culture within the city.

“Realize it’s going to take some cash to do it. But there are expenses and then there are investments—I think every mayor should know the difference. I’m suggesting to people that ultimately there’s going to be return on this by the talent that you bring into the city.

“Anybody who’s hiring the younger generation—a lot of the IT companies—it’s kind of like, ‘You should’ve done this a while back.’ That’s how they feel about it. So there really hasn’t been much pushback.”

Greg Ballard, Mayor of Indianapolis