Thanks and another bike ride (Belfountain Road)

Thanks very much for the great bicycle turnout at the 4th of July parade – I love this city!!

This is an invitation for a Belfountain Road ride. Please help us pick a date that works for the most people by filling in this scheduling Doodle.

We’re planning to do a “practice” ride on Belfountain Road between now and the 26th. The ride is in preparation for a number of us who will be bicycling to a Summer Heat event in Portland on July 26th (we will be ride to Wilsonville on the 26th and then take the WES light rail to Portland).

This Belfountain Road route will be a fun ride – we’d like you to ride with us whether or not you will be joining us on July 26th for the ride to Portland.

Also, feel free to suggest an alternate route to the current Belfountain Road route.  To follow up, contact Leonard Higgens.