Bus or train between Corvallis and Portland (and other cities)

I had noticed that every day someone reaches my site by the search terms “bus from Portland to Corvallis” or similar.  Roughly 3 people a day.  Every day.  And what post are they directed to?  The somewhat ridiculous post describing a trip from Portland to Corvallis by a melange of light rail, city bus and inter-city commuter bus that involves 12 miles of biking and costs only $5.80.  It is the most popular post, dwarfing the readership of any other post by a factor of 10.  But public transportation is a serious issue, and I would like to help out those people that are directed to my site.

So here is a summary of ways that you can get between Corvallis and Portland, Eugene, Newport, Salem and Albany by bus, train and bike or a combination therein. You can redirect to see the entire spreadsheet.  I have highlighted the ways I recommend in green.  As you can see, I have not recommended any ways to Eugene as I feel they are all inferior (too indirect, too long, too expensive, too unreliable).  Nor have I recommended any Greyhound options, despite their direct service to Corvallis; Greyhound is unreliable, costly, and do not give you a guaranteed spot.  I hope this is helpful.  Please send me any updates or ways that I have missed.