Corvallis neighborhood inventory of amenities, walkability, and bikeability


The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition Land Use Action Team has undertaken a project to inventory walkability, bikeability and neighborhood amenities throughout Corvallis. Initially (2010), the project was intended to be educational and thought-provoking: as volunteer residents would walk their streets and pay attention to the built environment and how they thought it made them feel about walking/biking. Eventually we decided to put this collected data into a database and GIS, and have done so. Additionally we thought that it might be helpful to have an overall score for each block based on various factors as a kind of summary of its walkability, based not solely on distance to certain uses, like, but also on physical factors and user factors (e.g. Does the block feel safe and inviting?). Data can then be broken down into each of those categories, so, if a score is low, residents or city staff can determine whether improvements would have to come via infrastructure improvements by the city or whether residents and businesses could improve the score by embarking on small projects like planting trees, facade improvements or lobbying for a new pocket park. Volunteers to inventory streets or entire neighborhoods are still welcome to join the effort, as the northwest and southwest portions of the city still need to be inventoried. If interested, volunteers may email Kelsey Moldenke or Susan Morre.

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