4 thoughts on “19,000 vehicles per day between Corvallis and Albany

  1. John Roullier

    With those kind of numbers it certainly does seem that something other that single passenger cars is needed for the commute between Albany and Corvallis. I am very glad I am not one of those commuters I enjoy my 10 mile round trip from Philomath to Corvallis via bicycle all year round !!

  2. Glencora Post author

    Kudos on your committment to bike commuting! I’m sure Philomath-to-Corvallis could benefit from increased transit too.

    1. Glencora Post author

      A good question. I’m sure the fact that an AM trip from Albany to Corvallis takes 32 mins compared to the 19 mins by car doesn’t help. And that doesn’t include getting to and from the bus. Also, there are only 3 morning options.

      If you could make the bus 19 mins and the car ride 32, that would probably help. Or make parking unaffordable and unavailable. And make sure employers are flexible about start and end times. Vanpools would be pretty good — employers could pay for them and give free parking. A van with 12 people inside is as good as a bus to me.

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