Carrying more things on a bike

Meet Whitehorse.  Whitehorse is our cargo bike that have had for around a year now.  It isn’t something we needed; we had managed fine for a long time carrying our groceries in our panniers.  But Whitehorse allows us to carry almost everything we could envision needing.  On a bike.

Whitehorse is a Yuba Mundo which we happily got at Cycle Solutions.  It was incredibly affordable, handles loads up to 450 lbs and, with over-sized milk crates cobbled to the sides, provides us with a truck of a car.  Minus the car.

In today’s shot, we are carrying some items to Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill.  You’ve already seen us carry gardening supplies.  Shortly, I’ll post a video of how Whitehorse handles.

(Whitehorse was named by association with Yukon, a friend’s dog that we were taking care of at the time of purchase.  Yukon very much enjoyed pulling Whitehorse, leaving me with just the job of steering and breaking.)