Bikepacking from Corvallis to Crater Lake to Ashland

Bikes resting at Crater Lake(and taking public transit back)

My partner and I recently completed a 300 mile, 6 day bikepacking trip from Corvallis to Ashland (to see a play) via Crater Lake.  The views were stunning, the roads were quiet, the company was excellent.  It was an incredibly affordable week-long vacation.  We spent less than $70 on campsites and cooked most of our meals.  We opted to take public transportation back, at a cost of roughly $80 each (by bus and train).  More photos of the scenes along the way can be found here.

View Corvallis to Crater Lake to Ashland Biketrek in a larger map.

I would highly recommend the route we took.  Camping spots were well-spaced along the way and we changed our stops along the way (making it further than planned on Day 3 and Day 4).  We planned ahead for dispersed camping by bringing along a water filter and though we didn’t use it, it provided peace of mind that we could camp anywhere in the forest along the near completely unpopulated route.  The roads were very quiet and ranged from single lane, paved forest roads with cars passing once an hour to roads with wide shoulders and cars passing once every 20 minutes.  About 5% of the ride was on roads that I wouldn’t recommend, with little to no shoulder and heavy traffic, but 5% is easily swallowed for 285 miles of felted road.

So, while I would definitely recommend this ride to a friend, it is not for the faint of heart.  The climbs were unrelenting.  Even the downhills were broken up by protracted uphill battles.  We climbed around 13700 ft and descended around 12200 ft.  All with a missing brake-pad, a story for another post.

elevation profile crater lake bike-trek

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